When purchasing another heating and cooling system, you might be under the false notion that the proficiency rating is the most critical element that decides energy costs. That thought is partly true. However, the installation itself if vital.

Even though the unit has a high energy proficient rating, it is the installation that can save you tons of money. You want to make sure that you have professionals installing your A/C unit. Otherwise you will be paying a lot more if the job is not done correctly.

Our experts are trained to fit any installation needs. The proper planning and experience will make a world of difference when it comes down to installing your unit.

The framework must be effectively measured, work with adequate wind stream, utilize the fitting measure of refrigerant and work with firmly fixed ventilation work.


At Love’s AC, we ensure your installation is properly handled.


Assessing your ventilation work for spillage is most ideal approach to deal with the best possible operation and productivity of your valuable HVAC framework. The proper duct work will increase the productivity in your HVAC unit. Proper duct work will help your system fight those long HOT SW Florida Summers.

HVAC productivity studies have shown that  10% – 30% of cool and warmed air is totally wasted due to ventilation work spillage, so whether you’re an entrepreneur, temporary worker or mortgage holder, ensuring that your HVAC framework is properly constructed is crucial.

Duct work are normally in places you never want to be crawling in such as attics, crawl spaces, basements, and garages. We inspect all elements for proper duct work.

Wasted air due to leakage can cost you a lot of money. We care about your HVAC system and your expenses. We like saving people money and ensure that you will enjoy your new HVAC installation system.






Servicing SW Florida for years, we have adapt to customizing HVAC units to fit your needs. Customizing unit surroundings are a key factor when installing or repairing AC units.

Having experts that know how to deal with unexpected situations will save you a lot of grief and aggravation. At Loves AC, we have cleaned up several HVAC units that were not installed or repaired properly from others.

As ventilation necessities and benchmarks develop, the capacity to redo segments turns out to be critical. HVAC frameworks are required to meet particulars for new development and segments for retrofitting, updating, supplanting, repairing, and keeping up frameworks should likewise have the capacity to meet code prerequisites. To do this it might be important to reconfigure segments with new plans and out-of-the-crate thoughts.


Maintenance gurus realize that major HVAC redesigns can be the absolute most troublesome ventures of their expert professions. There exists enormous potential for work environment interruption, unforeseen gear challenges and the colossal assessments from building tenants over the meaning of solace — a variable that ought to never be thought little of.

In any case, a sound execution arrangement, open correspondence somewhere around inhabitants and administration suppliers, and practical desires can keep HVAC gear establishment from being a ban

To be most cost efficient, we understand proper HVAC system planning can make or brake the operation. Without proper planning, elements that were not foreseen can be disastrous. With our years of experience we are prepared for proper planning on HVAC systems.

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